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Services – Best Value Turn Key Provider

We operate as a comprehensive solution for clients, delivering a seamless and ready-to-use product or service. This approach involves us taking full responsibility for every aspect of the project, from its conception to its execution and final delivery.

We ensure that the client receives a complete and fully functional solution, akin to turning a key to start a well-oiled system. This model minimizes the client’s involvement in the intricate details of the project, as we will manage all facets, including design, development, implementation, and maintenance. By offering this all-encompassing package, we aim to simplify the process for clients, allowing them to focus on their core objectives while benefiting from a hassle-free, turnkey solution that meets their specific needs.

Key Areas of Expertise


Specialist Design Capability

- Full design capability from masterplanning to detailed design available through our trusted partners.


Vendor Neutral Equipment Provision

- Target systems, Virtual/Augmented Reality Systems, and Video Simulation systems, and related equipment.


Shooting Range Solutions

- Bullet traps, armored steel fabrications, anti- ricochet cladding, and more.


Specialized Training Facilities

- Aircraft mock-ups, close-quarter battle houses, method of entry buildings, and more.


Project Management

- Seamless coordination between all project parties to deliver on time and on budget.


Budget-Friendly Solutions

- Aligning solutions with financial parameters by providing access to a wide range of products and services.


End User Dialogue

- In-depth grasp of end user needs, requirements and expectations.

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